Celebrate in Style at The Maidens Crown, Top Banquet Hall Near Peeragarhi

Every celebration has a unique tone of its own. Whether you want orchids and minimal white flowers for a pastel-themed wedding, or you are planning a birthday that’s going to be special in its own way, if you want to celebrate in style, selecting the right venue is crucial. Are you looking for the banquet halls for your next big event? If yes, you can always opt for the Maiden’s Crown in Peeragarhi.

Being one of the leading venues, the establishment follows a culture of transcendence. Still wondering why you should choose our banquet hall? Well, here you go!

Great Guest Capacity and Luxurious Interiors

Do you believe in the sheer opulence of big fat Indian weddings? If you want to host a large-scale wedding with an extended guest list, a milestone birthday, anniversary, or some other event, you can always book our venue, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. With a guest capacity of up to 1500 guests, you get three spacious banquet halls on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors, so you have enough space for hosting your event or even plan multiple parties at once.

Besides, when we say spacious, we don’t just mean blank halls with no character at all; we mean luxuriously decorated halls with chandeliers and golden accents. If you have always dreamt of getting married in a setting that exudes sheer luxury, our banquet hall in Peeragarhi is the way to go. From elegant themes to state-of-the-art amenities, lighting, and a separate setting for the stage as well as DJ setup, our banquet hall promises everything you need.

Accessible Location and Excellent Service

When you are paying for the venue, there’s no way you would want the place to be in a desolate or deserted location. Your guests and even you have to reach the location without any hassle, and we promise to deliver just that. Our venue is located near the Peeragarhi Metro Station and is easily accessible. So, you can visit the venue easily. Besides, at the Maiden’s Crown, we prioritize your convenience over everything. Every hall has separate bridal rooms or accommodation on the same floor. So, you can get time to unwind, fix your makeup, or prepare for your big day. Besides, we also have valet parking services for the hosts as well as the guests, and the security in every venue is foolproof. What else can anyone want?

Professional Event Planners

Every event has unique requirements. For instance, when people plan weddings, they want the haldi to be held in a yellow theme, the mehendi in a green theme, the sangeet in a disco or vintage theme, or the wedding in a majestic setting. Irrespective of what you want, our event planners can understand your vision. Even when it’s a simple corporate convention or a Mata ki Chowki, we can take care of the décor catering and everything, so you can enjoy your party. Our professional staff has years of experience, so even before you let us know your requirements, we can start working and get things done.

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Affordability and Great Food

We promise you great food in the amount you pay with our wedding venue in West Delhi. There are different packages with both continental and Indian cuisine, and you can choose the catering package that meets your needs. There are excellent vegetarian options, and we promise you the quantity and taste of the food will be impeccable at best. The chefs use the finest ingredients to create culinary masterpieces that please the taste buds. Personalized menu options are available, so you can tailor the dining experience to match the theme and tone of your event.

Exquisite Architecture and Ambiance

The moment you step into The Maiden’s Crown, you are greeted by an ambiance that exudes elegance and sophistication. The architecture blends modern design with classic elements, creating a timeless appeal. High ceilings, grand chandeliers, and opulent décor contribute to a majestic setting that leaves a lasting impression on guests. The banquet hall’s spacious interiors can comfortably accommodate large gatherings, making it ideal for weddings, corporate events, and social functions.


Designed to host a multitude of events, the Maiden’s Crown offers a versatile space that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any occasion. The combination of traditional charm and contemporary amenities ensures that every event held here is a resounding success. Gone are the days when finding the best wedding venue and booking the place was a task in itself. Now, you can contact us, and discuss your requirements, like the date, guest capacity, catering and décor requirements, etc. and we will schedule a venue visit for you. Once you visit our venue and find out what’s best for your event, you can book the place, and our event planners will handle the rest for you.

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